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Talk by Pierre Matri: Ty ́r: Blob Storage Systems Meet Built-In Transactions

Abstract: Concurrent Big Data applications often require high-performance storage, as well as ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transaction sup- port. Blobs (binary large objects) are an increasingly popular low-level model for addressing the storage needs of such applications, providing a solid base for developing higher-level storage solutions, such as object stores or distributed file systems.

However, today’s blob storage systems typically offer no transaction semantics. This demands users to coordinate access to data carefully in or- der to avoid race conditions, inconsistent writes, overwrites and other problems that cause erratic behavior. We argue there is a gap between existing storage solutions and application requirements, which limits the design of transaction- oriented applications. In this talk, we briefly introduce Ty ́r, the first blob stor- age system to provide built-in, multiblob transactions, while retaining sequential consistency and high throughput under heavy access concurrency.