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CA Technologies is participating in BigStorage, a European Training Network (ETN) research project which aims to train future data scientists and help develop their skills within advanced research environments.

The company aims to nurture the next generation of IT leaders by providing them with technical training.

CA technologies along with other participants of the project will also help students with personal development to enhance their competences and employability skills.

Funded by the European Commission, the BigStorage research project will include fifteen doctoral students with degrees in technology and science from universities across the world.

The students selected for the programme will be able to take part in all internal training programmes organised by the consortium members of BigStorage, and two students will receive training from members of the CA Strategic Research team.

The consortium members of BigStorage include Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain), Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (Germany), Inria (France), A Seagate Company (UK), and Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (Germany) amongst others.

CA research, the research division of CA Technologies, will concentrate on designing more sustainable energy systems within the BigStorage project.

The company is working on the design of anomaly detection systems and automatic root cause analysis on Big Data that is expected to provide deeper knowledge of the data centre state.

In order to support Big Data analytics and improve efficiency, CA research is also seeking to allow data centre operators to make better decisions on infrastructure management.

CA Technologies general manager EMEA Marco Comastri said: "Demand for STEM professionals in Europe is expected to grow by around 8 per cent between now and 2025, much higher than the average 3 per cent growth forecast for all occupations.

"However, today there are too few young people aspiring to pursue STEM related careers and the supply of such workers is not growing fast enough to meet future demand.

"Companies have an important role to help develop the new generation of innovators and leaders in the technology industry."