Title: Big Data and Extreme Computing: a Storage-Based Pathway to Convergence

Abstract: Recently, the convergence of Extreme Computing and Big Data has become a hot subject for debates between the two communities. The BDEC workshop series was initiated to explore the motivations and the means to achieve such a convergence. This talk presents a storage-centered perspective for considering such a convergence, relying on the potential use of built-in transactions at storage level. It explains the rationale underlying such a vision, then it introduces Týr, a storage system that illustrates this approach.

Slides: http://www.exascale.org/bdec/sites/www.exascale.org.bdec/files/6-Antoniu-BDEC17Jun16.pdf

URL of the event: http://www.exascale.org/bdec/meeting/frankfurt

Andre Brinkmann (University of Mainz) talks about Energy and Big Data in the Insider Talk "New Generation Datacenter" (Video in German)


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The Storage Systems Group of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is participating in the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network titled “BigStorage: Storage-based Convergence between HPC and Cloud to address Big Data Challenges”. The main goal of BigStorage is to train future data scientists in holistic, interdisciplinary approaches so that vast amounts of data can be fully exploited. This requires a reworking of the storage architectures underpinning high-performance computing (HPC) and Cloud infrastructures, with a focus on meeting highly ambitious performance and energy usage targets.

In BigStorage the BSC Storage System Group will lead the Use Case Analysis and Evaluation work package. The objectives are to undertake an in-depth review of the technical and architectural needs for data storage in four use cases (smart cities, the Human Brain Project, the Square Kilometre Array and climate science) to consolidate sets of requirements. These will be fed into other work packages. Furthermore, the team will also determine suitable benchmarks and specifications that reasonably represent these use cases and will be used to assess the BigStorage solutions produced by the other work packages.

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Big data is a major factor driving knowledge discovery and innovation in our information society. However, large amounts of data can only be used efficiently if algorithms for understanding the data are available, and if these algorithms can also be appropriately applied in highly scalable systems with thousands of hard drives.

Big data, thus, presents complex challenges for software developers, as the necessary algorithms can only be created with the aid of specialist skills in a wide range of different fields, such as statistics, machine learning, visualization, databases and high-performance computing.

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CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) announces its participation in the research project named BigStorage, aimed to give young researchers the opportunity to further develop their technical and transversal skills within an advanced research environment.

"At CA we are pleased to be part of this project to train and equip tomorrow’s technology scientists while together we investigate future technologies. We will conduct research on the control of energy consumption in data centres by analysing large volumes of information – known as Big Data,” explains Victor Muntés, VP and member of the CA Strategic Research team.